Steve Jobs had Bill Campbell. JFK had Ted Sorensen.

You have us.

We channel you intellectually and reverse engineer your worldview.

We distill the complex. And we empower you in the face of uncertainty, competition, and debate.

You know there’s a huge vision of what’s possible if only people can hear you. You know that what you say and how you say it matters.

We know how to help you with that.

The result: a polished version of your ideas and intent, ready for emotional connection and logical consumption by anyone.

Only the Best Received Visions Win.

Apple. Nvidia. SpaceX.

Visions received and then realized – first by the team, then by the market.

They define and drive industries.

You can do the same.

We’re in Strategic Communications.

We’re craftsmen and practitioners obsessed with how words shape perception.

We elevate and perfect your message into unmistakable headlines, stories, and narratives.

Industry-defining companies don’t leave their fate to chance.

Never find yourself in a fair fight.


The Partners Behind Sorenborn:

Robbie Crabtree

Justin Mikolay

How We Work

Two styles of engagement:

Chief Communications Officer (CCO): Fractional CCO services providing dedicated strategic communication leadership. We become a member of your team to relentlessly execute the role and responsibility of Chief Communications Officer

Strategic Communications Advisors & Partners: Retainer-based advisory services. Hands on guidance for the way you clarify ideas, craft your message, and speak to audiences.

Who We Work With

We craft worldviews and narratives for the world’s most important companies.

Our sweet spot is post Series A through IPO Executives in AI, Deep Tech, and Climate Tech

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